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So Why Haven’t You Seen Change?  Just Imagining A Better Life Doesn’t Work Alone! You’ve Got To Have The Right Tools

I see people struggle every day to try and live the life they imagine in their mind…A life filled with love, light, happiness, creativity, spontaneity, laughter, joy, prosperity and truth. But in reality, something is holding them back and keeping them ‘stuck in their muck’ and planted firmly in the past, unable to move forward.

How does this resonate with you?  Is there something you just can’t seem to get quite right in your life no matter how hard you try?  No matter how many self-help books you read or how many ‘get on the right track’ programs you join?  There’s a reason why and once you here it, you’ll slap your forehead and say “Wow, no wonder I’ve been struggling”.

But first, let me introduce myself.  Welcome to my site.  I’m Marcy Neumann and I’m a life coach, specifically a HeartShift Coach and authority on manifestation and transformational energies.  I am also trained in other self-help, spiritual and physical healing practices.  You can read more about my certifications and specialties here.

So why have you been struggling?  Because you’re addicted to the hope hook.  You hope the next book will do the trick, or this seminar will help, or this webinar will hit home.   Maybe this time it will work . Maybe this time will be different. Maybe this relationship won’t fail. Maybe….It’s this vicious cycle that keeps you going and while you think you’re moving forward, you’re only moving in circles. And that’s where HeartShift Coaching is different.

Help, Hope and Healing

It’s my passion and purpose in life to help people.  I’ve been where you are.  Stuck in a place where you can’t move forward and can’t get out of your own way to have the life you truly want. I was right there. Powerless, afraid of change, knowing I had to do something different but not knowing what.  Falling back into bad patterns and habits and repeating the vicious cycle that kept me from my life was a constant battle for me.

But after years of struggling,  I discovered something that works…and is lasting…and has given me the life I always wanted.  It’s the life I live today and the life I’ll continuing to lead going forward.

I am a life coach, specifically The HeartShift Coach, for the simple reason that  I don’t ever want anyone to  feel the way I did or struggle any longer.  This is  why I continue to develop programs and coaching to guide you into the life you want, deserve and can have.

Personal Guidance and Coaching

After years of speaking with clients, hearing their concerns, their stories and their needs, I’ve made getting the one-on-one help and guidance needed available through my HeartShift Coaching packages.  As your coach, I’ll lead the way for you by helping you identify your personal goals in life, what’s stopping you from getting there and what we can do together to move you into a place of light, love, strength, courage. What that means is you’ll finally have the knowledge, the tools and the confidence to make the transformational shift into the life that’s waiting for you.

CELLpH (Self) Love™


It’s long been said that health and happiness are entwined. If you’re healthy, you’re happier.  If you’re happy, you’re healthier.  Seems like an simple concept really, but if you examine it on a cellular level, it begins to make much more sense.  That’s why I created CELLpH (Self) Love™.

Its premise is that our every thought and emotion has a direct affect on the cells of our body, particularly the pH, which is the indicator of health. This unique, cutting-edge self-help health and wellness program is where I teach you about the powerful connection between the physical and metaphysical worlds of healing and the influence of thoughts and emotions on the pH of the cell.

CELLpH (Self) Love™  is a health and wellness program that teaches you to create the conscious awareness of how you are feeling at any given moment, appreciate its impact upon your health and well-being and the direct correlation between the life you’re living now and the life you want to manifest for yourself.  This program provides the drive you need to taking appropriate action and move forward towards your ultimate goal of being happy, healthy and whole.

Letting Go to Let In

lettinggo500x500Your past is something you can’t run from, nor should you try.  But it’s not something to stay rooted in either.  To stay firmly tethered to your past (bad memories, relationships, traumas, shortcomings, failures, etc.) keeps you from unleashing your future.  My Letting Go to Let In program was designed for those looking for self-help in this area.  As one of the most popular self-help programs focusing on Letting Go, you’ll soon realize its full impact when you discover and delve deep into the energies surrounding you (zodiac, chakra, free will, even the energy of addiction). Jam-packed with manuals, workbooks, audio meditations, declarations and of course, my full support whenever you need it. 

Workshops and Online Courses

My work involves all aspects of the community.  From corporate offices to self-help retreats, my message resonates across a wide range of people and occupations.  Working with me on developing a specific workshop or event for your community, organization, company or event is easy.  Contact me directly and let’s discuss working together to bring HeartShifts into the world.


“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself “- Rumi


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